Customer Success Story: On Site Police

Learn how CuroShift’s single platform eliminated the need for three separate apps for Baltimore’s On Site Police security company.


On Site Police is a security company based out of Baltimore, Maryland, founded by former Maryland Police Officers Vincent Noto and Brett Thomas. The company has been serving the community of Baltimore, Maryland for over 25 years.

With the help of CuroShift, On Site Police:

  • Monitored employee hours so employees did not go into overtime.
  • Quickly performed and exported payroll reports.

“Not only is it more affordable than other time tracking applications. It is super easy to use for yourself and your staff. It has everything you need under one roof.”

—Vincent Noto, President/CEO

Vincent Noto

The Need for Operational Efficiency

On Site Police had a major problem. They were wasting a lot of management’s time and resources trying to manage employee schedules using three different applications. This decreased profits, increased overtime, and made it impossible to manage payroll efficiently. They needed one software program where they could manage all the processes for employee schedules under one roof. It also had to be easy to use for employees and the management team.

The CuroShift Solution

CuroShift has everything under one roof. The platform gave the On Site Police’s team one place where they could complete all their schedule management tasks. They no longer had to waste time going into three different applications to complete work. The team was able to do their scheduling, manage timecards, and have geo-fenced shift clock-in and clock-out on one platform. In addition, their employees could easily complete daily activity reports and incidents in real time. Because CuroShift is designed specifically for security companies, the system was able to directly address the issues that On Site Police was having.

With the easy to use scheduling features provided by CuroShift, On Site Police could see when an employee was accidentally scheduled for overtime, as well as the budget for each location. With other applications, keeping up with this information would have taken up a significant amount of time. With CuroShift, they were able to avoid costly mistakes and save valuable time and money.

“The software we were using before, you had to sit and literally add everyone’s hours because it wasn’t designed for a security company, I don’t have that problem anymore with CuroShift.”

—Vincent Noto, President/CEO

Vincent Noto

CuroShift on desktop

Building a Valuable Partnership

For On Site Police, switching to CuroShift was seamless. The easy onboarding process and intuitive platform had employees and managers up and running in a flash.

CuroShift views all their clients as partners in developing a better solution for security companies. The company’s CEO, Vincent Noto, is a part of CuroShift’s Customer Advisory Board, which is designed to recommend additional features that would make using CuroShift easier for security companies.