The CuroShift Story

We were tired of spending thousands of dollars a year on workforce management systems our security guards hated.

So we built our own.

Our Story

CuroShift’s workforce management system was built for security guard companies by a security guard company. We built it to fix our biggest problem: our managers bleeding cash using a system that ineffectively managed our security guards. And we succeeded.

We wasted countless hours trying to use one workforce management system after another to manage our company and grow our client base. Each system had almost everything, but a key piece was always missing. More importantly, we realized our guards were wasting hours every day fighting against these systems. After switching to system number 4, we decided to stop wasting our time trying to find software that didn’t exist and built our own system instead.

Over the past 3 years we’ve used CuroShift to manage our workforce. In that time we’ve worked with everyone – from managers to guards to our clients – to improve our system and create more value. We believe that we’ve created the most effective, comprehensive security guard management system out there—and we want to prove it to you.

The CuroShift Team

The CuroShift Team is made up of security professionals who understand the challenges you are facing.

Meet the Team

Mitch Gyger


Greg Jaspan